love water especially pure water, water is so good for you. The
human body is primarily water. Infants are made up of 70 percent
water, while adult males are 60 percent and females are 55 percent.
Water provides the medium to make your blood, helps move food through
your digestive tract and removes waste from every cell in your body.
I am now 6 months pregnant and I know the importance of staying
healthy and keeping myself hydrated, it is a big part of my routine,
knowing that the water I drink is transporting essential vitamins to
my baby and helping to maintain the health of the embryonic fluid
that is home to my baby.

Prior to being
pregnant I invested in an online course called the complete detox
with Elwin Robinson, I have spent the last 3 years on an exciting
journey into improving my health and well being, I am part of a
wonderful online community that supports my ongoing enjoyable journey
into health. This is when I learned about drinking pure living water.

Every morning before
breakfast I drink 1 liter of pure water with a squeeze of organic
lemon and a pinch of Himalayan pink salt then I drink a liter of pure
water during the day making sure I always leave about half an hour
before eating.

For the last few
years I have been going to a beautiful spring in Capel Iwan near
Newcastel Emlyn in Ceredigion West Wales to collect my drinking and
cooking water, It is part of my fortnightly routine that gives us so
much pleasure. It is very important to nurture ourselves, loving
ourselves with every drop of water.

arriving to the spring I give gratitude and love to the water as I
drink. I make it a real family outing, my daughter loves to collect
water, mainly to dip her toes in the ice cold pool. I have introduced
it to my partner who loves the water too and finds a great way to
connect with the surrounding nature.
the surrounding nature
with the surrounding nature

I collect and Store
the water in plastic bottles and some glass bottles, is not my ideal,
I am gradually replacing all the plastic ones with recycled glass
bottles. However in the meantime I make sure the containers are
freshly cleaned with hot water and once brought home stored in a cool
dark place,some of which I place into the freezer.

Another lovely act I
do to enhance the frequency of the water is to write words or say
words based on universal truths such as thank you, love and gratitude
on the bottle. According to Masaru Emoto, water has the capacity to
memorize and transfer information. Masaru Emoto has researched the
effect positive and negative words and music has on water by taking
photos of water crystals. Water that has been exposed to positive
vibrations formed beautiful, symmetrical hexagons. In his research
water that was exposed to negative words produced ugly, misshapen

I love spring water
it makes me feel so alive and vibrant!! A few facts I have found
out from Natural springs uk website –

Spring water has it’s microflora still in tact, the water is
structured, all water has a unique crystalline structure.”

Water gives LIFE! Living Spring Water will also nourish your DNA,
your DNA is transcribed into MRNA and translated to make protein in
the body. Living Spring Water holds a complex matrix that has not
been changed or denatured by human intervention. Our DNA is thirsty
for LIVING Spring Water that is structured and ALIVE. It’s just like
oil for our Human Engine, it powers every cell in our bodies, it
nourishes our DNA, it heals us from within!”

of my art is about the connection we have with nature and with each
other and how creativity itself is a way of connecting. My self and
Stu Hampton of freeriver were inspired to create a song and a little
film inspired as the result of collecting and drinking this water.
See below…

Mini-Film – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuekVWjKsbk&feature=youtu.be

Song – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UM_oHl78YA0

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